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Want a guest spot on Dialogue? Wonderful.

Free Spots: Dialogue has no free spots at this time. We will open booking for 10AM PST free Tuesday spots January 2020. Eligibility for free Tuesday interviews: available only for books that have been or will be released within 30 days of appearing on Dialogue.

Premium Spots: For Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Dialogue “Prime Time” Premium spots, your upcoming show will include the following:

  • a 30- to 45-minute interview with #1 Amazon bestseller and host, Susan Wingate,
  • three different prime time tiers to choose from (5:00P, 6:00P, and 7:00P)
  • a previous day blog post to announce your upcoming show the following day, and
  • two separate newsletter emailings via Susan Wingate and

All Prime Time benefits are shared among the 50,000+ followers of Susan Wingate, the 28,000+ listeners of Dialogue, and the recipients of over 500,000+ newsletter recipients.

Prime Time guest spots reflect the start time of each show. Cost for Prime Time guest spots:

5:00P – $150

6:00P – $250

7:00P – $350

If you are interested in a Prime Time spot on Dialogue, please fill out the form below. Give as much detail in the comment box as possible. Booking managers, Mike Beas and Dar Dowling of will contact you shortly.